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"The kraken has risen from the sea. From the spire he claimed, he gazes upon untold creativity."


Like the kraken from the sea, The Kraken's Spire is an online literary magazine for emerging artists.​

The Kraken's Spire is dedicated to new and emerging artists of all forms. The Kraken's Spire is founded on the principles of inclusivity and diversity, and we seek to publish the marginalized, the downtrodden, and the unpublished. We accept poetry, prose, and visual art, and we’re particularly interested in the themes of emergence, self-discovery, and self-reflection.

Patrick Johns

Founding Editor

Patrick Johns is the author of the bestselling fantasy adventure, Junkland. He currently resides in Spain where he teaches English. Aside from his job, traveling Europe, and managing The Kraken’s Spire, he is hard at work writing his second novel. Find him on Instagram and Twitter.

Katie R. Herring

Poetry Editor

Katie R. Herring is a librarian, editor, writer, and reader. She is interested in many things, including plants & animals, yoga, modern American literature & military history, and hiking. In her free time, she works on The Kraken’s Spire and her two freelance businesses. Find her on Instagram and Twitter, though don’t expect any tweets.

Edward Cornthwaite

Prose Editor

Edward Cornthwaite is a freelance editor, writer, and poet. He lives in Spain and works with authors from Europe and North America. His free time mostly comprises of reading and worrying about deadlines.

Laura Lucieri

Cover Designer

Laura Lucieri is a photographer, artist, and video professional. She is originally from Argentina, but has been living in Spain most of her life. In her free time, she enjoys sushi, traveling, hiking, and building her own library of artsy photos. Find her on Instagram.

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