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Submission Policies

The Kraken’s Spire accepts submissions on a rolling basis. We do not accept previously published work, which includes writing from social media platforms. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please contact us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere. We ask that previous contributors not submit again for one year, following the date of their featured writing's publication issue. For those not selected, we ask that you wait a period of three months, from the date of our response, before submitting again. 

The Kraken’s Spire requires first publishing rights. After publication, all rights revert to the author, though The Kraken’s Spire must be acknowledged as the place of first publication if your work is reprinted. We also require non-exclusive archival rights, meaning we can reprint your work for future digital anthologies or collections indefinitely.

In your email submission, please include the agreement statement if you accept our policies.

I, [your name], have read, understand, and agree to the policies stated by The Kraken’s Spire, and as the author, give consent to print my submitted work in their literary magazine.

Please note: if your agreement statement is not included, your submission will not be considered.

To Submit

Email your submission/s to with the subject line as the genre you’re submitting to (e.g “poetry submission”). Please attach your work as a Word document (.doc or .docx). Please note: formatting is subject to change if accepted, though all changes will be confirmed with the artist. Do not include your name in the document, as our editors review submissions blind. If you are submitting multiple genres, have each genre be in a separate email, and each email needs an acceptance statement. Multiple accepted submissions may be in different issues. 

In the body of the email, please include your acceptance statement, an artist’s bio (written in third person), your preferred pronouns, and some information about you, including your writing/art experience. If desired, please include a photo. If selected, the photo will be used on social media to further promote our magazine. Occasionally, we include interviews in our issues. We will contact you if we are interested in an interview in our submission decision email. In general, we copy artist’s bios word for word, but changes or additional information may be included at publication. All changes will be confirmed with the artist.

While we attempt to be as prompt as possible, we do receive many emails. Please wait one month, from the date of your submission email, before querying about the status of your submission.

Genre Guidelines


You can submit 1-5 poems at a time. We accept all forms of poetry. Submit in a single document, using page breaks and titles (even if the title is “untitled”), so we know where each poem ends. The total number of pages shouldn’t exceed 10 pages.


We accept both fiction and non-fiction. From micro-fiction to essays, we’re interested in everything! Submit up to 3 pieces of prose at a time, using page breaks and titles (even if the title is “untitled”), so we know where each piece ends. In the body of your email, please indicate the type of writing for each (e.g. flash fiction, essay, etc.).

For both fiction and non-fiction writing, there is no minimum word count, but please stay under 3,000 words. The total number of pages shouldn’t exceed 10 pages.


You can submit 1-5 works of art at a time. We accept drawings, paintings, photographs, digital art, etc. Please include titles (even if the title is “untitled”) in your submission. Please attach each piece as a .JPEG file. We request high-resolution images.

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